今天,首期【CN面对面】,我们邀请到了Animal Bikes的国际销售经理Nick Bardzilowski参与我们的对话;


CN:First of all, thank you for accepting our interview.

I think perhaps this is the first time an exclusive interview for your brand from a Asian BMX website.

Hope this time the interview will allow more Chinese riders to gain insight into your brand.


CN: If I remember correctly, this is the second year after the official return of your brand. In 2011-2014, Animal Bikes seemed quiet for quite a long time. Can you talk to us about what happened that time?

(如果我没有记错,这是您的品牌回归之后的第二年,对吗?在2011-2014年,Animal Bikes似乎沉寂了相当长一段时间,能和我们说说那段时间发生了些什么吗?)

Nick: Yes, that is correct.  This is the second year that we have been back with new parts, riders and branding.  Around 2011 the BMX market had begun to change for us.  It took us a few of years to figure out what changes we needed to make also.  I think we are there now.


CN: Over the past few years, the world BMX pattern has undergone tremendous changes, the emergence of a considerable number of new brands. What do you think about it all?


Nick:Yes, this is true.  I try to give this analogy when talking about all the brands now.  If you imagine the BMX market is a pizza pie, then imagine each time there is a new brand coming that is like cutting another slice in the pizza.  The pizza is not getting bigger, so the slices just keep getting smaller.  Think of each company as a slice.  Each time a new brand is made it becomes harder for everyone else.  This is how all business works though, there will always be competition.  We will just keep doing what we have always been, riding street!


CN: The silence of the past few years, Does it have a big impact on your brand awareness? It seems that the riders who followed Animal Bikes have now formed families, and away from BMX, but kids who have just begun to ride BMX do not seem to know the glorious history of Animal Bikes. What do you think of this phenomenon?


Nick:Over the last few years there was silence with new parts and the availability of items from Animal, but not with our riders.  Our Instagram account was full of new content from our riders each day.  Even if we had not put out a major project many of our riders had put them out on their own.  I think content from Animal has never taken a break.  We are lucky to have some of the most loyal customers in the industry.  Many of our fans that have now grown up and started families still support us.  They pay attention to our new videos and buy our clothes.  They have children of their own that are now getting started into BMX and we are their go to brand.  Endless thanks to our loyal fans, we would not be here with out them.  We are coming up on 2018 soon! 

(Nick:过去的几年里,我们的品牌只是暂停了运营,没有再生产新的产品;但我们的车手却一刻都没有停下。我们的Instagram账号几乎每天都在更新我们的车手的动态,即便我们官方没有做任何的项目,但我们的车手们却自发的团结在了一起。我认为Animal Bikes其实从来没有停止过脚步,我们很幸运拥有这个行业里最忠实的客户。虽然不少忠实粉丝已经组建了家庭,但他们仍然在支持着我们,他们关注我们的新视频,购买我们的服装产品;他们有了自己的孩子,并且也让孩子们开始骑BMX,Animal是属于他们的品牌。衷心感谢我们的每一个忠实客户,我们会继续与他们同在,2018我们来了!)

CN:For a long time, Animal Bikes used to be synonymous with the east coast BMX. The whole team has a very good style. If you were to list five riders who could best represent Animal Bikes, who would you think they would be?

(CN:长期以来,Animal Bikes都被认为是东海岸BMX的代表品牌,整支队伍有着非常好的风格。如果让你列出五个最具代表性的Animal车手,你会觉得他们分别是谁?)

Nick:Animal all started with the owner Ralph Sinisi.  He is an East Coast street legend.  No one else can represent what Animal is about better than him.  For more ideas of riders that best represent the brand check out our early videos and see where our pros now have gotten their street influence from. 

(Nick:Animal Bikes始于它的创始人Ralph Sinisi。他是东岸BMX的街道传奇人物,没有人可以比他更能代表Animal Bikes。关于最具代表性的Animal Bikes车手这个问题,我觉得大家最好是去看看Animal早期的视频,看看我们的职业车手们从街道中所获得的认可。)

CN:For the next, let’s talk about the products of Animal Bikes. The product design of Animal Bike is really great, whether it’s the product itself or the packaging. But in recent years, the world BMX market seems to be stagnant, reducing production costs seems to be the trend. What do you think of this phenomenon? Do you intend to compromise the market?


Nick:It seems that reducing production costs is becoming a trend.  However, we do not intend to compromise the quality of our products.  You will not see so many different colors available from us as there once was in the past but that is the only compromise we have made for the time being.   


CN: Skavenger seem haven’t to follow the return of Animal Bikes. It has been regarded as an integral part of Animal Bikes. All along, Animal Bikes have focused on BMX parts. Do you plan to launch the Animal Bikes frame in the future?

(CN:Skavenger似乎没有伴随Animal的回归一起回来。它曾被视为Animal品牌体系中密不可分的一部分。一直以来,Animal Bikes似乎专注于BMX零件的设计和生产,你们计划在将来生产Animal的车架吗?)

Nick:Yes, we do plan to launch a frame in the future.  We also have talked about complete bikes being a part of our future.  However we have a lot in front of us now to get done first, maybe our 20 year anniversary….  You can expect to see more and more new products drop from us through out next year also. 


CN:Over the past two years, Colin Varanyak, Augie Simoncini, Courage Adams, Johnny Raekes seems to be the new generation of Animla Bikes. They are frequently active on instagram and have so many followers. I have to admit, I’ve never seen any BMX team’s new and old alternate to be so perfect. How did you make this happen?

(CN:过去两年里,Colin Varanyak,Augie Simoncini, Courage Adams,Johnny Raekes似乎已经成为了Animal Bikes的新生代代表。他们活跃于Instagram,并且拥有庞大的粉丝数量。我不得不承认,我从未见过任何一个品牌车队的新老交替能做得如此完美。你们是怎么做到的?)

Nick:All of these riders you mentioned were already fans of Animal, and videos like Can I Eat and All Day, since they were young.  It was not too much work to have them representing Animal.  We have always been more like a family then a cooperate company.  Our team was never really scouted out but more just came together. We have a big reach and a huge following.  Everyone is connected in some way. 

(Nick:你所提到的这些车手,首先他们已经是Animal的忠实粉丝了。在我们的”Can I Eat”和”All Day”等视频项目中他们就又出现过。但当时他们还很年轻,我们让他们参与进来,但他们那时还不能完全的代表Animal。我们一直喜欢先成为家人,然后再一起在公司公事。我们其实从来没有有针对性的去物色过年轻车手,但我们总是团结在一起,我们拥有庞大的粉丝数量和号召力,并且以此让这一切变得水到渠成。)

CN: We noted Nobuhiro “4Pegy” Masuda just dropped a new edit online. It seems got very good response. You seem to have poured a lot of effort into the Japanese market. Can you talk about your views on the development of BMX in Asia?

(CN:我们留意到你们赞助的日本车手Nobuhiro “4Pegy” Masuda刚刚发布了全新的个人剪辑,并且似乎有不错的反响。Animal似乎在日本市场投入了大量的精力。你能说说你对亚洲BMX发展的看法吗?)

Nick:Pegy is a great street rider!  He and the whole Horiegumi crew are producing some of the best street riding in the world right now, as far as creativity and spot usage goes.  We couldn’t be more excited that some of them want to represent us.  Pegy and Daisuke have just come to visit us in NJ/NYC/Philly the last two weeks.  We are very excited to see what they have filmed on their trip.  It was great to meet them in person also. 


CN: How much do you know about China’s BMX? In recent years, more and more Chinese riders have become enthusiastic about street riding. Is there anything you want to tell them?


Nick:It is great to see the popularity in street riding grow so much in China recently.  The edit of The Make crew visiting really showcased just how amazing the spots in China truly are. Make sure not to listen to the security guards! Haha.

(Nick:真的很高兴知道过去几年中国有了这么多的街式车手。英国The Make团队两次出访中国的影片真的令人惊叹!不过真的要小心那些讨厌的保安!哈哈~)

CN: Could you tell us something about your plans for the new year? For example: new trip, new products, or new promotion plan.


Nick:Animal has tons of plans for 2018.  You will see more new soft goods and video projects, as always.  In the way of new products you will see a new seat, more options in handlebars and new rims and hubs will also be available.  Just to name a few.


CN:Thank you again for receiving our interview. Someday, hope to see the riders of Animal Bikes in the China street. Cheers!


Nick:No problem. Shoud be must! Thank you so much for this opportunity and all the kind words.


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