本周的DIG BMX SETUP版块,DIG BMX把目标对准了Fly Bikes和Eclat赞助的当红车手Devon Smillie,不仅有全新的爱车配置,还有独家专访;不过这一期的访谈比较特别的是,DIG的编辑们把提问的机会留给了Devon的Instagram死忠们。一起来看看Devon的粉丝们给他提出了一些怎样有趣的问题。

车架: Flybikes Fuego Devon Smillie 签名款 21” 

前叉: Flybikes Volcano. 30mm 叉片

车把: Flybikes Fuego Devon Smillie 签名款 9.5” 

把套: Flybikes Devon Smillie 签名款

座包: Flybikes Devon Smillie 签名款

座包: Flybikes Tripod 结构

把立: Éclat Dune

曲柄: Éclat onyx

脚踏: Éclat seeker

牙盘: Éclat AK 签名款护齿盘

链条: Éclat Diesel

火箭炮: Éclat Venom

前花鼓: Éclat cortex

后花鼓: Éclat cortex freecoaster

后车圈: Éclat Polar

前车圈: Éclat Polar

车胎: Flybikes Fuego, Devon Smillie 签名款 2.30”

内胎: Flybikes Cobra

BB中轴: Éclat

碗组: Éclat

@stefanlavric – Did your parents support you when you were young?

Devon Smillie: Yes, 110%. Whatever I was into they fully supported me. They noticed at a young age how into riding I was so I think they kind of helped push me in the direction I’m going. They actually started a BMX shop that lasted about 13 years all because of my riding. 

Instagram网友@stefanlavric 提问:你的父母在你小时候刚刚接触BMX时支持你吗?

Devon Smillie: 当然,110%的支持!无论我做什么他们都会全力支持我。在我小的时候他们就开始关注BMX,所以我觉得是他们的帮助让我一路走到了今天。他们甚至还开了一间BMX店铺,并且持续了13年的时间,仅仅只是因为我想成为一个车手。

@rollmeupone_  – What’s the thing you love about BMX the most?

Devon Smillie: I think it’s the individuality. It’s called freestyle for a reason. There was never supposed to be any rules or guidelines for riding. It’s just go out and do what makes YOU happy. Who cares what anyone else thinks?

Instagram网友@rollmeupone_  提问:你最喜欢的是BMX的哪个方面?

Devon Smillie: 我认为是自由,Freestyle就是真正的原因。这项运动没有任何的限制,当然也没有骑行指南。但它只是促使你走出去享受BMX带给你的快乐,不必在意别人的看法。

@_angelbmx – Why did you decide to ride BMX and not take up another sport?

Devon Smillie: I was super into motocross when I was about two, so at that age I picked up a bike and just tried to do what I saw on TV. I never got into sports. Never played on any team. I don’t like having a whole squad relying on you to not mess up. If I mess up riding, it’s all on me, no excuses. That doesn’t go for sports. If one person messes up, that could be the game over for the whole team. To much pressure. And I don’t like stressful situations.

Instagram网友@_angelbmx 提问:你为什么选择了BMX而不是其他的运动?

Devon Smillie: 大概在我两岁的时候,我就从电视里看到了摩托车障碍越野赛。所以在那个时候,我拿起一辆自行车,想尝试去做我在电视里看到的事情。我从来没有参与过任何的团体运动,也没有任何的团队邀请过我。其实我挺怕那种因为一个人的失误搞砸了整个队伍的感觉。但是如果只是我个人骑车,我因此搞砸了,这只是我一个人的事情,与别人无关。我不太喜欢那种压力很大的紧张局面。

@jaxson_mead – What was it like growing up in Georgia? Was the BMX scene there pretty big?

Devon Smillie: Actually, when I was about 10 or 11 I feel like the scene was bigger than ever. We had a lot of pros come through town, skateparks were poppin’ up everywhere, and they all allowed bikes. There was a bit of skater/biker segregation, but more recently those worlds have collided. Being in California everyone just expects you to skate, it’s mainstream. In Georgia, I feel like riding is more accepted.

Instagram网友@jaxson_ 提问:能否谈谈你在佐治亚州的成长经历?那里的BMX是不是很普及?

Devon Smillie: 当然,我大概10-11岁的时候,我记忆中那里的氛围已经前所未有的好了。那里有很多的职业滑手,到处都是玩滑板的人,当然他们也允许BMX车手进入场地。有一些地方滑手和车手在同一个场地见了面总是会剑拔弩张;在加州,好像滑板更受欢迎,但在佐治亚州,似乎喜欢BMX的人更多一些。

@Arisaiveloz – Was it you or Fly that came up with the name Fuego? And where did the inspiration come from?

Devon Smillie: Actually Fly came to me with the idea. It had to be a Spanish name. I was thinking playa, meaning beach, since I had just moved to Huntington. They came back with the name Fuego, meaning fire. I immediately knew that was it. I use the term fire so much on a daily basis so it just made sense. Plus, why would you not want your line to be fire?

Instagram网友@Arisaiveloz 提问:是你还是Fly Bikes想出了”Fuego”这个名字?它的灵感从何而来?

Devon Smillie: 其实Fly Bikes是有询问过我的意见,但这个系列产品的名字必须是一个西班牙名字(Fly Bikes是来自西班牙的BMX品牌);我最初想到的名字是Playa,寓意为海滩。因为那个时候我刚刚搬到加州的亨廷顿。不久之后,Fly Bikes告诉我他们准备用”Fuego”这个名字,寓意是火。我立刻就明白了,因为我每天都用”火”这个词,觉得它很有意义。再说了,谁不想让你的每一条线路都更火一些呢?

@thegnarberries – What’s your opinion on scooters?

Devon Smillie: I respect them. I used to hate so much but I grew up playing on scoots and I still do to this day. Some of the street scooter riders are doing some of the craziest combos too, its like futuristic BMX. If there are people making money from something they enjoy, why would you hate? People probably hate on BMX all day but we love it, its all perspective 

Instagram网友@thegnarberries 提问:你对滑板车有什么看法?

Devon Smillie: 我尊重他们,尽管我曾经很讨厌这个东西。我现在有开始尝试滑板车,并且在坚持。有些街式滑板车手做的动作非常疯狂,这对BMX街式车手来说是不可思议的。如果有人可以用他们喜欢的东西赚钱,你为什么要去讨厌他们?就像有的人讨厌BMX一样,但在我们眼里,它就是我们的全部。

@stefanlavric – What’s usually the first trick you do when you get on your bike?

Devon Smillie: Ha ha it’s always who can land the fakie manual five cab first try.

Instagram网友@stefanlavric 提问:当你骑车的时候,常常会做的恶作剧是什么?

Devon Smillie: 哈哈,我们总是会打赌,看谁能fakie manual five cab一次成。

@netflixandtrill – If you weren’t a BMX rider, what career path would you have chosen? And do you have anything in mind for when you stop riding and retire?

Devon Smillie: I probably would have tried to race motocross. Or just skateboard. I don’t know really, I would definitely need some adrenaline. Maybe even a racing driver. For retiring though, not much plans yet. I’m going with the flow. I would love to design shoes one day or even own a brand of my own. But i’ll let that all fall into place. I’ve even considered becoming a motivational speaker. If not, I’d go to automotive school and work at a shop.

Instagram网友@netflixandtrill 提问:如果你不是一个BMX车手,你会选择怎样的职业道路?或者说如果在你退役之后,你对你的未来有什么打算?

Devon Smillie: 我可能会去尝试摩托车障碍越野。说实话,我真的没想过,不过我想加速我的肾上腺素分泌。也可能我回去做一个赛车手。关于退役之后的生活,我目前还没有太多的打算。我想顺其自然,或许有一天我会去设计鞋子,甚至拥有自己的品牌。但我希望一切都是自然而然的,我甚至想过去做一个励志演说家。如果不行的话,我也可能会去驾校工作或者去商店工作。

@idontknowsimon – What are you most particular about on your bike?

Devon Smillie: Probably air pressure. It’s so weird because sometimes it feels soooo good squishy but makes other tricks feel impossible. You just have to find that happy medium.

Instagram网友@idontknowsimon 提问:你认为你的爱车上最特别的部分是什么?

Devon Smillie: 我觉得可能是胎压。这是非常奇怪的一种感觉,有时候这种软绵绵的感觉会让你觉得动作很难完成,但当你做到了,你能从中找到另外一种不一样的快乐。其实不必介意,你只需要找到让你快乐的方法。

@jakemacduff – How do you want to change the world through your riding?

Devon Smillie: I have this vision, if we made BMX as dope as possible then it could bridge gaps between industries. I just think that rather than hating on something that someone else is doing just because you don’t do it, try respecting people for their interest. While BMX is getting cooler than ever, all the negativity being thrown around is holding us back. We have to show how much we appreciate what we do before others can appreciate it and help us grow.

Instagram网友@jakemacduff 提问:你想过通过你的骑行来改变世界吗?

Devon Smillie: 我有过这样的想法。如果我们可以让BMX越来越酷,那它就能跨越行业的鸿沟。我只是认为,不要轻易的去讨厌别人的兴趣,而仅仅只是你对这个东西不感兴趣,尝试尊重别人。虽然BMX行业整个处于低迷的时期,但我们依然满怀信心相信有越来越多的人会加入进来。我们必须对我们自己现在所做的事情表现出自信,别人才会欣赏和认同我们的想法和行为,并帮助我们成长。


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