一个多月前,Ty Morrow离开了效力十年之久的零件赞助商PRIMO,转投德国品牌ECLAT。

今天,RideBMX发布了Ty Morrow的全新爱车配置,并对Taylor进行了一次专访。

喜欢Ty Morrow的车友一起来了解一下吧!

车架:Fiend Morrow V3, 21″
前叉: Éclat Storm
车把: Éclat Dive, 10″
把立: Fiend Morrow V3

碗组:Éclat Cargo
把套: Éclat Pulsar
把塞: Éclat 

座管:Éclat Tripod
座包:Fiend Morrow V2, Corduroy, Black, Tripod
脚踏:Éclat Seeker
曲柄:Éclat Tibia, 165mm
牙盘:Éclat AK with Nylon Guard
链条:Éclat Diesel

前轮胎:Éclat Fireball
前轮组:Éclat Teck hub laced to the Éclat Raven rim with Teck PC guards
后轮胎:Éclat Fireball
后轮组:Éclat Cortex LHD Coaster laced to Éclat Polar rim with PC guards
火箭炮:Éclat Venom, 4.5″

RIDEBMX对Ty Morrow的独家专访:

R:Since you made the move over to Éclat you changed up a bunch of parts along the way. How does your new bike feel?
T:I couldn’t be happier with it right now. Everything éclat makes looks good and is built to last by some really good designers.




R:Of all the Éclat parts you’re running, which are you must hyped on?
T:Hard to say right now, to be honest. I’m kinda hyped on everything, but if there was one product I am most excited on getting back on my bike, it would be the Tibia cranks. They have held up to years of abuse by some of the gnarliest dudes in the game and were the standard option for a lot of my good friends and I before we had parts sponsors.


T:说实话这个问题挺难回答的,所有的产品我都非常满意;但特别值得一提的,最值得重点推荐的,我想应该是Eclat Tibia曲柄。这款曲柄经历了长时间的测试,其中不乏一些很暴力的车手;我身边很多朋友都在使用它,在我拥有零件赞助商之前,我也一直使用这款曲柄。


R:The Éclat catalog is pretty extensive—they make a lot of options for some parts. Was it hard to choose which parts to run?
T:It definitely was… Outside of there being multiple options for a lot of their parts, there are lots of dope colors to chose from. Knowing I was going to get a new frame within a couple months of making the switch to éclat, I decided to order two color ways of a lot of parts so that I would for 1; have backups and 2; be able to experiment with some color ways I had in my head. This is my first time riding colored tires and I’m really psyched on the way my bike ended up looking with them. Had éclat not have been as courteous with giving me a couple options for colors, I may have never stumbled upon the color way of my current build.




R:What are some specifics of how you like to have your bike setup… PSI, bar position, etc…
T:I’m definitely pretty OCD with the way my bike feels and am instantly aware when something isn’t the way I’ve been riding my bikes for years. I would say tire pressure is one my biggest things—I run my tires with just enough pressure to be able to take drops, get good carves for spins, be able to land sideways a little bit without your tire peeling off the rim and just enough to where I don’t have to pump my tires up every time I carve a bowl. On average I run about 55-60 psi in the rear and 45-50 in the front. I’ve preferred my bike to be this way for as long as I can remember and I don’t think that’s going to change anytime soon. Aside form that, I like my bars a little bit past straight up and down with the forks, uncut bars, minimal headset spacers and I always run my chain at a happy medium of being loose enough to feel no resistance while pedaling and tight enough to not spin my cranks on whips or hit the frame on drops.


T:我真的有很严重的强迫症。当我踩上脚踏那一刻开始,我就知道这辆车是不是我想要的,可能是这么多年养成的骑行习惯让我培养出了这种感觉。我想说胎压是我最介意的事情。我会选择我认为适当的胎压去应付我的骑行需求,比如下大落差和滑竿等等。平均来讲,我会把我的前轮组设置在45-50Psi,后轮组设置在 55-60Psi。我会记得这种感觉,这就是我想要的车子,并且我不认为这些习惯将在短时间内改变。除此之外,我会喜欢把我的车把倾角调得靠前一点,并且不切割车把本身的宽度。当然,链条的松紧也很重要,我会喜欢把链条尽量调整得松弛一些,这样会让我在做大落差的动作的时候更自然,避免因为链条紧绷造成的麻烦。


R:What are you must particular about? In general, what makes this your ride?
T:As bad as this sounds, overall look is definitely one thing I’m most particular about. By look, I suppose I mean the actual shape of the completed bike and the colors used to build it. Of course, the most important thing should be the way it feels. Although I believe you can get used to pretty much any BMX setup, I have found what works for me in terms of ergonomics and that seems to be tall and wide bars, fat tires and a short back end with short cranks.




R:This is your V3 signature Fiend frame, what’s new with it?
T:For my V3 frame, I decided to shorten the backend to 13″ for a sharper response on manual/grind tricks and more control while riding backwards. I technically had a V2, V2.5 and then V3, so one of the changes that were implemented on the “V2.5″ carried over to my V3 and that was the steeper head tube of 75.5 degrees. We also spent a lot of time perfecting the rear triangle of the bike to allow for very wide tires with enough clearance for the average street rider that doesn’t have a perfectly straight wheel—about 3/4” on each side when slammed. To top it off, I worked very closely with Eben Fischer designing the new graphics for my frame. I couldn’t be happier with how those turned out and feel you have to see the stickers in person to truly appreciate the amount of detail and hard work he put into them. Thanks Eben!

R:关于你的签名款FIEND V3车架,你有赋予它什么新的特点?

T:对于我的签名款V3车架,我决定将后三角缩短到13″,以便在后轮滑和滑竿的时候车架能带给车手更清晰的响应;当然,这也有利于车手在做Backward(后轮反向滑行)动作时更轻松地进行控制。事实上,这款车架从V2版本到V3版本的过程中还经历了一个V2.5版本的调整。V2.5的版本基于V2版本把头管角度调整到了75.5°,这是一个很陡的角度。我们也花了很多时间在调整车架尾叉上,比如让它兼容2.4甚至更宽的轮胎,赋予了车架尾叉更宽的间隙(意为方便车手安装驱动侧和非驱动侧的护轴盖);并且为车架尾叉提供了更长的调整空间。除此之外,我还和西岸优秀的插画师Eben Fischer紧密合作,他为我的新车架设计了全新的贴纸涂装。只有当你亲眼看到了这些贴纸,你才能够感受到他的才华和在细节方面所付出的努力,感谢Eben!


R:You signature Fiend seat in the corduroy looks dope. I don’t even know if I’ve ever seen a corduroy seat before…
T:Thanks! The corduroy seat is actually my V2 seat. We just got a few samples of the V3 and I probably should be riding that, but I had to give the corduroy one more run before I retired it! We’ve done 3 color ways including black, olive and khaki so far. Some of you may not have tried out the Tripod seats and I’ve gotta go on record and say that you’re sleeping if that’s the case! It’s definitely the cleanest looking setup for a seat and is actually A LOT stronger than the Pivotal mold.



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