原文采访刊于RideUK网站,编辑:Robin Pearson

照片拍摄动作部分:Stu Barnham

其余照片:Ed Ballingal

Joe loves FBM. It was like a dream come true when he started riding for them through 4down distribution, seriously. He wouldn’t shut up about it! It’s rad how much it meant to him, and it’s rad how long the frame has lasted him already.

For the last few years, Joe has been one of those dudes who puts out a new edit every few months. He continues to kill it on his classy-looking FBM steed but 2017 has been a bit different for content collection. See below to find out more.



– What’s the bike riding like at the minute?


“This is the longest I’ve ever run a frame, and it still rides just as good as when I first got it and is solid as hell! But then again, anyone that’s ever owned an FBM will know that they are built to last. My favourite thing about this frame has been the more modern street geometry, steep head angle, short back end, wider tyre clearance, but still having a 21″ TT, meaning it feels spot on while riding a bit of everything.”


– Where has this bike taken you this year?


“From the start of the year until now this bike has been on trips to Barcelona, Belgium, Wales and Copenhagen, as well as a load of more local(ish) trips with the guys. I’ve also spent a fair bit of time in Hastings. More recently I rode at NASS and the Battle of Hastings qualifier which were a load of fun!”


– Any recent changes to the set up?


“New Bicycle Union bars and stem, which are awesome. I’m constantly changing between pegless and 2 pegs but for the last couple of months I’ve left the pegs off which has been really fun. I’m sure they will be back on at some point once my mates start giving me hassle!”

新款的Bicycle Union车把和把立,非常棒。我时常会在无火箭筒和双火箭筒的模式下切换,但过去的几个月以来我一直是处于无火箭筒的配置,很有意思。我很肯定在我的哥们儿们忽悠下,我很可能又会装上的。

– How’s the A14 scene these days?


“It’s still great here, we have a nice tight crew who are always down for travelling to new places and filming/shooting photos etc. There’s also a great group of dudes linked to the local trails spot (Gate23), and the Area25 during the wetter weather. All in all Suffolk is still an awesome place to be!”


– What’s next for you?


“This year I’ve taken a different approach and focused on collecting footage from as many places as possible, and have been sitting on a lot of stuff for a number of projects with FBM and Union later in the year. (Thanks to my boys Tom Ellam and Gav Mitchell for their help with filming.)

今年我采取了不同的做法,专注于从尽可能多的玩车点搜集画面素材,并在今年晚些时候会联合FBM和Union在一些项目上完成很多东西。(感谢Tom Ellam和Gav Mitchell的拍摄)

I’m heading out to Ithaca, New York in just under a month for the FBM Open House event and a trip with those guys, which is going to be so awesome!

我很快就会去美国纽约州的伊萨卡待一个月的样子,参与FBM OpenHouse的项目并且和他们一起旅行,这简直棒极了!

I wanna say thanks to Ian, Bomber and Fooman at 4Down, John Dye and Crandall for all their help and support! Appreciate it more than you know.”

感谢4Down公司的Ian,Bomber和Fooman,John Dye还有老板Crandall给与的帮助和支持!


Bike Spec配置清单

FBM Hard Way 21″ 烫金色

Bicycle Union Motorcade

Odyssey R32

Bicycle Union Roam On (Chrome)


United Supreme

United Valentino

Sprocket & Chain牙盘和链条:
Bicycle Union V 牙盘, Odyssey 链条.

Back wheel后轮组:
Bicycle Union Process卡轴, Simple Bike Co Plainan车圈

United Direct 2.4

Front wheel前轮组:
Bicycle Union – Fiend花鼓, United Supreme车圈

Seat & post:
FBM Gypsy Compass座包, Bicycle Union Token座管

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