Ø Best Trick最佳动作
Ø Best Line最佳线路
Ø Most Creative最具创意
Ø Most Unique Obstacle独特道具
Ø Most Likes最受欢迎

Here’s how to claim the bounty:如何获得赏金

1. Set up your visit to Woodward West.到访woodward西部营地
2. Start stacking clips– Each athlete is allowed to enter as many categories as they’d like, but will only be able to win up to two categories.

3. Post your best content to your personal Instagram and tag @WoodwardWest and #WWBounty


Rules of the parole:

1. Athletes may submit as many videos as they like, but may only win up to two categories.
2. All video clips must be filmed at Woodward West during Summer 2016 (between June 5, 2016 and August 20, 2016).
3. Judges will determine which category each video falls under.
4. Contestants must be over the age of 18, anyone under 18 will be entered into the camper contest and eligible to win a free week of camp instead of a cash prize.
5. Videos may not be longer than 1 minute, you may not submit one line under two clips. Each video will be counted, as it’s own entry.
6. If working with more than one athlete, the athlete’s handle that submitted the video first will be the entry submitted to judges.

Get shootin’ and the bounty could be yours!”





不过在看完这篇报道之后,小编认为:首先 你得获得美国签证!

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