Capture19-640x349逝者已逝,我们能做的就是在缅怀逝者的时候做好自己的事情。近日X-Games官方正式对外宣布:在德克萨斯州奥斯丁举办的2016 X-Games BMX公园赛将会加入Dave Mirra最佳公园动作奖!

“ESPN X Games will add a special Dave Mirra BMX Park Best Trick competition to X Games Austin 2016 in honor and memory of the X Games and BMX legend. The competition celebrating Mirra’s life and legacy will take place on Saturday, June 4, at the Circuit of The Americas, where the winner of the competition will be awarded the Mirra Golden Pedal and prize money. Admittance to the competition will be available to X Games Austin ticket holders that day on a first come-first serve basis.

A true action sports and X Games icon, Mirra owned the record for the most medals in X Games history up until 2013, totaling 23 medals in BMX – 14 being gold – and one from RallyCar Racing. Dave’s storied career and supreme dominance of BMX at X Games is illustrated through several historic moments and records, resulting in 13-straight X Games medals beginning at the inaugural X Games event in 1995. Mirra is one of only two athletes in the event’s history to have won multiple gold medals in three separate X Games events.

“ESPN X-Games 将会在奥斯丁市举办的2016 X-Games BMX公园赛中,特别加入以Xgames和BMX界的传奇Dave Mirra命名的最佳公园动作项目。这个项目设立是为了缅怀Mirra的传奇一生,比赛时间定在6月4日周六。获胜者将会获得Mirra黄金脚踏和奖金。想要观看的朋友可以持当天X-Games的门票换取,先到先得!

作为极限运动和X-Games赛事的一个标志性的人物,Dave Mirra一直保持着奖牌数量的记录直到2013年,23块BMX奖牌-14块金牌还有一块来自汽车拉力赛。 Dave的传奇生涯,和BMX在极限运动会的至高无上的统治地位,是通过几个历史性时刻和记录来说明的。从1995年开始连续13届X-Games的奖牌,X-Games历史上获得三个不同项目奖牌的两位选手中的一位。

总之这样的纪念方式,无论对于Dave Mirra的在天之灵,还是他家人来说都算是一份情怀的尊重!

愿Dave Mirra在天堂安息!

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