Drew Hosselton Arizona Highways Volume - DIG BMX_20160310104736

车手Drew Hosselton在Arizona Highways亚利桑那高速公路项目中的视频现已上线。他的个人部分全长3分57秒,充满了各种Drew特有的线路编排。非常值得一看的视频!

“Drew Hosselton’s Arizona Highways video project was a labor of love produced by his good friend Greg Moliterno, who was more than down for the mission to scour the roadways of Arizona in search of fresh spots. In the social media age that’s upon us, it is almost unheard of to spend over a year collecting footage for an online video, and it’s even less common to see the sort of miles logged by this pair in the process. While Drew described the project as “definitely all about the journey.” the final product is an absolute treat and sure to be on repeat amongst spot connoisseurs and inspiring others to take off on some road trips of their own.”

Drew Hosselton的亚利桑那高速公路视频辑,是他的好友Greg Moliterno满怀着激情的劳动成果;在这个互联网时代,像这样花费一年时间,在亚利桑那州寻找新的玩车地形,搜集视频片段简直是闻所未闻的事情。虽然Drew藐视说:肯定所有的是关于旅行的;可视频成品出来的结果却是玩车点的搜集册,相信这一定能激励到一些人开始他们自己的公路之旅!

Drew Hosselton Arizona Highways Volume - DIG BMX_20160310104716

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