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There’s been a few changes which shook-up BMX world over the past year or two…

I’m not gonna lie, it’s been a big year for BMX news!



Firstly we saw what happened at Stranger when Adam LZ joined the team, multiple people quitting because of certain differences and it made for some pretty good reading at the time. I guess the most recent and shocking news to a lot of people was when Harry Main dropped pretty-much all of his sponsors to join Mafia Bikes earlier this year. I can imagine 13 year old kids everywhere who owned a Hyper went nuts, Oil Slick parts destroyed in fits of rage, internet went into a complete meltdown. – Well maybe not that bad like… But the news did get a lot of people talking and opinions were shared, including one from our man Cleggy. Finally, what about when Chase Hawk & Sean Sexton were recently dropped from Odyssey? That was a total shocker too!

首先,我们在去年年末看到了Adam LZ加入Stranger队伍的消息,随后,接近一半的Stranger队伍的现有车手退队的消息接踵而至;这一新闻时间在相当长的一段时间里获得了非常不错的点击率和关注度。而关于最近最为炙手可热的转会新闻,莫过于Harry Main在今年年初退出了他所有的赞助商转投Mafia Bikes的消息。我能够想象那些大概在13岁左右,骑着Harry Main的幻彩配色的Hyper车子的孩子们的心情,他们大概已经被这个消息气疯了,而这接连发生的一切似乎把BMX圈子推入到了一个艰难的境地。… …但这一切或许并不是想象的那么糟糕,但Harry的这一切接连发生的消息在网络上引发了热议,包括我们的编辑Cleggy也参与到了讨论。就如同Chase Hawk和Sean Sexton最近离开ODSY,这些吸引眼球的新闻总是会引发大家的热议。

So yeah, I’m sure you’ll agree that some crazy shit been going on in the BMX world lately… With all of this sponsorship hype going around; multiple people quitting at once or getting dropped, new ventures within the BMX industry and whatnot… I thought it’d be funny to look at some of the things you’ll more than likely be seeing in your news feeds, have a laugh with it! Why not eh?



http _coresites-cdn.factorymedia.com_rideukbmx_new_wp-content_uploads_2016_01_10615343_938484912854035_4756956909555941748_n#1 – The All Important Sponsorship Photo!


Just switched sponsor? Let everyone know via one handy photograph! Make sure you get all that all-important branding in there, product must be the right way around, logos all over the shop of course and don’t forget to say cheeeese!



http _coresites-cdn.factorymedia.com_rideukbmx_new_wp-content_uploads_2016_01_11138155_10153362774466823_7155742411140949146_n#2 – Take pictures of those ‘Care Packages’

第二点: 发布一张有关赞助产品的照片(你知道大家都关心这个)

Ohhh you gotta keep the sponsors happy! Every time they send you a bunch of free stuff, this is a MUST! If you didn’t strategically lay out your free garms/products so they look aesthetically pleasing, then put it’em on your insta that would just be so gosh darn rude!



http _coresites-cdn.factorymedia.com_rideukbmx_new_wp-content_uploads_2016_01_dhers-680x294

#3 – Change Social Media Profile Pics/Cover Photos.

第三点: 更换你的社交媒体的背景图片或者个人资料图片。

We know BMX and Social Media now go hand in hand since we all live in the future and not many people of the younger generations tend to read mags anymore (it’s really sad, but rather true unfortunately.) – Attention spans are getting shorter. So keeping your social media profile or ‘Fan Page’ up to date is key, let the world know who you’re reppin’ via a decent profile pic and don’t forget that banger in your cover photo, that all-important blue tick is also an added bonus to let people know you’re legit…



http _coresites-cdn.factorymedia.com_rideukbmx_new_wp-content_uploads_2016_01_12524087_1252422458102023_251613333940404238_n-680x850

#4 – Signature Parts.

第四点: 签名款产品

If you’re a seasoned Pro or maybe just one of the key players of the team you’ll be privileged enough to be approached by the TM and have input on your own Signature part or parts line… I can’t take the piss here to be honest, that is actually really cool. Imagine having your own sig line and kids everywhere wanting to rep your shit? It’d feel well good, so ensure you get as many snaps of them and post them on the regular to show your sponsors & fans how stoked you are!



http _coresites-cdn.factorymedia.com_rideukbmx_new_wp-content_uploads_2016_01_12509183_10154537675814966_3904545242990939385_n-680x510

#5 – Travel Photos.

第五点: 有关旅行的照片

Now that you’re sponsored, you’ll be going on trips and taking photos or having someone take them for you. Not like your average holiday photos with the family to Benidorm. Actual travel photos. We’re talkin’ scenery shots, pictures out of the plane window or filming on the aeroplane itself while the ‘no mobile phones’ sign is on during take-off like a total badass rebel. Before you set off, the obligatory plane ticket shot is always a winner, standing outside of the airport or the bags packed with a caption “LDN to BCN” or some shit to make people jelly. Guess it’s gotta be done…




#6 – Put In Work For Your ‘Welcome Edit’

第六点: 拍摄属于你的入队视频

This is pretty self explanatory really. If you don’t put in the work then your new ‘Welcome Edit’ will look absolute dogmeat and no one wants that now, do they? So go send yourself down some stairs or hit the biggest jump at the park going mach 10 like Tom Dugan. SEND IT!

这是你对自我进行诠释的最好机会。如果你不能在你的入队视频里展示你充分的实力,相信你一定会迎来一大堆人的说三道四。所以,在入队视频里面你应该尽可能的去挑战一些平时没有做过的更为夸张的东西,比如下一些大的落差,我的意思是就像Tom Dugan的入队视频一样。


http _coresites-cdn.factorymedia.com_rideukbmx_new_wp-content_uploads_2016_01_1-33-680x337

#7 – Learn How To Conduct Yourself During An Interview.

第七点: 学习如何推销自己在接受采访的时候

You are in the public’s eye now… Even if you’re completely stupid you can still be good on a bike, I’m sure we all know a few good examples! Conducting yourself, being calm and composed during interviews is key. You get those riders who it just comes naturally to, humble folk who are genuinely nice guys who can deal with any question fired at them – Garrett Reynolds is a good example! – But nothing, and I repeat NOTHING could possibly prepare you for an interview with Fathead.

获得了赞助,就意味着你将出现在公众的视野里…就算你仍然是一个痴迷于骑车不善于沟通的人,但我相信我们已经可以在这个圈子里看到不少类似的人做了一些不错的示范!推销自己,在接受采访时保持客观冷静是一个关键。谁会留意到你,这些都是顺其自然的事情,而你只需要保持谦逊,坦诚的回答每一个问题就足够了。Garrett Reynolds就是一个非常好的例子。如果你在采访的过程中张牙舞爪,我敢肯定,没有第二家媒体会再一次给你接受采访的机会。



#8 – Know Your BMX History.

第八点: 了解一些BMX历史

Brushing up on a bit of BMX history definitely won’t go amiss either! Let’s say you go on a trip and happen to turn up at some trails, or a sweet park and someone’s rockin’ a Little Devil tee, you like the design of said T shirt and you’re all like, “Hey man, that’s a cool T shirt, who makes it?!” – Study up, and you will prevent yourself from looking a complete cockwomble. Seriously though, if you haven’t seen/heard of Little Devil Criminal Mischief or Seek & Destroy then what have you been doing with your life? Go back even further and check out the days of Dave Vanderspek etc. Our forefathers were so RAD!

让大家了解有关你的BMX历史绝对不是坏事。比如说,当你出去旅行的时候,发现了一些土坡,或者一些很棒的板场。这时候或许你身上的一件Little Devil的tshirt就能让你和现场的车手们展开话题。有关于这些BMX背景或者说传统老牌的讨论是很容易让陌生的车手尽快熟络的方式。


http _coresites-cdn.factorymedia.com_rideukbmx_new_wp-content_uploads_2016_01_Mick-filming-1-1000

#9 – Contests/Web Edits (or both.)

第九点: 比赛/网络剪辑 (或者同时进行)

This one all depends on what you prefer really… If contests ain’t your thing, then fine! Your sponsor will probably know this, or I should hope they asked you this before they made you sign your name in blood (just kidding) – Filming for a big video part can be so rewarding, putting hours and hours of effort into one clip and that feeling of finally nailing it is more than worth it! If you’re on a bit of down time between filming you could always make insta vids/web edits to keep the ball rolling, most riders love to have a filmer around so this is easily done. If you’re into the whole contest thing then the sky’s your limit, go for X Games Gold or whatever your jam is I guess…




#10 – Be A Decent Person.

第十点: 做一个体面的人。

The most important rule of all. This one can be achieved in many different ways I guess… Some may sign autographs for their fans, show up at skateparks and ride with the locals there. Giving people stuff for nothing is the best, Pro’s get free shit all the time so when they’ve received an new set to stick on the good guys usually give their old stuff away. It’s good to be nice, no one likes an arrogant, selfish ass puppet after all!


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