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Jordan Aleppo, 来自英国南部小城萨顿的年轻车手。




本周,Ride UK BMX对入围2015年度英国最佳街式车手的Jordan进行了专访,

让我们一起跟随下面的访问来了解和回顾属于Jordan Aleppo的2015。


Jordan is pretty out there as an individual. He’s a joker – he’s loud, he’s bold, he gets our attention – which is why we love him. There aren’t many characters like Jordan in BMX, hence why he has so many fans. I’ve been on several trips with him and have seen even the driest dudes creasing at the insane, wild, often vulgar speech coming from his mouth. He’s not too much to handle, but he’s pretty out there. In a really good way. Thankfully though, it’s not just that – his riding backs it all up. Jordan can make some pretty amazing stuff happen on two wheels, that’s for sure.

Here’s Jordan’s year in review.

Jordan Aleppo是一个相当独立的人,他爱开玩笑,他勇敢,这也正是我们关注他喜爱他的原因。能够像Jordan这样专注于BMX的人并不多,所以…Jordan不同于那些网红,他并没有太多粉丝。我们和Jordan接触过几次,我们喜欢他的不修边幅,喜欢他的直来直往,他的话不多,但却非常直接简单,和他相处只需要这样简单的方式。当然,这些并不重要,重要的是Jordan在BMX方面的才华和他带给我们的那些震撼。接下来让我们一起来回顾Jordan Aleppo的2015.


Jordan Aleppo:
This year I haven’t actually been able to ride a lot at all, pretty much the only time I’ve ridden has been in a edit or Instagram video. I’ve had all my exams and write ups to become a qualified electrician on top of working like 60 hour weeks, so I had to really knuckle down and instead of riding my bike, partying and meeting loads of naughty tinder girls I spent most of my time working, revising and doing homework. But other than that, my year’s been really good!

jordan 1


To start off, in February I received a phone call from Mad Jon Taylor who asked me to ride for Vans UK. I couldn’t believe it, I even said “Bruv, me? Are you sure?” I still think to this day he got the wrong number, haha. But honestly it’s a massive honour to be a part of Vans and I would like to thank Mad Jon and Vans for all the support.



在二月的时候,我接到了Vans英国的车队经理Jon Taylor的电话,他问我要不要加入Vans英国队伍。我当时真的觉得难以置信,我回答道”哥们儿,是我吗?你确定?” 直到今天,我依然清晰的记得那一刻我们的对话并终身难忘,感谢Jon Taylor和VANS给予过我的所有的支持。

jordan 2

Stay Strong in London

In April, my boss said to me I had to use up some of my holiday allowance before the end of the month so I hit up Marco (the Stay Strong team manager) and said I needed to take some time off work and I wanted to film an edit with Anthony Watkinson. Probably like three days later we had a whole trip planned and the next thing I knew I was on the train to London to meet Anthony and Robin Pearson (the filmer). I had so much fun on this trip riding my bike every day with good people, went out every night and even ended up making best friends with everyone in our hostel.


关于Stay Strong:

四月份的时候,我的老板告诉我他们准备花钱赞助我一次旅行,我联系了Stay Strong的车队经理Marco,并告诉他我准备与Anthony Watkinson一起做点什么。大概三天之后,我们商量出来一套大概的计划和行程,于是,Anthony和摄影师Robin Pearson和我一起踏上了去伦敦的火车。那是非常有趣的一趟旅程,我们早出晚归,不停地拍摄,晚上回到酒店整理素材,整个过程非常愉快。


Also in April, I got offered to ride for probably three of the biggest parts companies, which was crazy because I’ve never really had any offers before. So I left Demolition, all on good terms, and decided to ride for Primo Parts, which made a lot more sense as it’s distributed by Seventies and I was already friends with a lot of the team.

So, on the last day of the Stay Strong LDN trip, I was speaking to Robin about an idea I had for a kind of welcome to the team/bike check video. I hit up the Seventies boss man Stu Dawkins, he gave me the go ahead, then the weekend after Robin came down to Seventies to film my Primo video. Robin did an amazing job with the edit, Joe-Tek helped me get clearance on a song I loved and even though it rained I think it still came out OK!



在四月的时候,我迎来了我人生中的第三个零件赞助商;这着实令我兴奋,因为我从不曾与他们有过任何接触。于是,我决定离开Demolition,开始新的一页。我一直效力于Federal,而Primo和Federal都是由Seventies Distribution代理,这一切是如此意外却又情理之中。

因此,在Stay Strong伦敦之行的最后一天,我和摄影师Robin Pearson开始商量着手Primo的入队视频。我联系了我Federal的老板Stu Dawkins(同时也是Seventies的老板),他对我说了很多鼓励的话,给予了我很多支持。我和Robin很快的完成了这段入队视频,当然,还要感谢Federal的设计师Joe-Tek在整个过程中给予我的帮助。

GoPro edit

Originally Marco gave me the GoPro for the Stay Strong LDN trip, but I left it in my bag, forgot about it and found it a couple of weeks later. Then one day after work I just decided to take it with me and film a little session.



在伦敦之行的时候,Stay Strong的车队经理Marco给了我一部Gopro,但我却把它扔在背包里忘了。几周之后,我才发现了它。那一刻,我心血来潮的觉得我应该用它做点什么,于是,就有了这部我的GoPro剪辑。


In October I went to Cali for a month to film with Stevie Churchill for ourFederal Split Series. Going to America was so surreal for me, I’ve always wanted to go ever since I was a yoot.

Prior to the trip I was working ridiculously long days, revising and writing essays every day so I didn’t really get to ride for like 4 months before it. I felt like a proper virgin on a bike and was just about to be filming with one of the most talented riders in the world… I felt I put myself under so much pressure to make a good edit and as this was only the 2nd ever trip abroad I’ve been on, I really wanted to make a good impression to Federal.

Riding-wise, me and Stevie didn’t really have the best of luck. I’ve never been to a hot country or somewhere with a time difference before so for the first week or so I think I was well jet-lagged. Then poor Stevie had some bad news and had to go back home to Connecticut for a week. The week after, we went to a mental strip club for Stevie’s birthday with the OSS boys and Stevie got his foot run over by a Porsche that Alfredo (the OSS team manager) and I just so happened to be in, haha… But all in all given the circumstances I think we done alright and if Rich Forne is anything to do with the video it’s bound to be sick!



十月的时候,我前往加州与Stevie Churchill汇合,开始着手拍摄我们的Federal #SplitSeries剪辑。我从未和球球一起拍过片,说实话这趟旅行令我忐忑但非常期待。

在加州之行之前,我有接近四个月的时间没有骑车,原因很简单,忙着工作和各种琐事。当我重返我的BMX,即将与全世界最好的BMX车手一同拍片,那种心情真的难以形容,焦虑,但又充满好奇与期待。这是我代表Federal第二次去到异国他乡拍片,在此之前,我没有去过任何的气候炎热的地区,也没有经历过跨度这么大的时差,所以,在刚开始的第一周,拍摄的进度真的是超级慢。一周后,球球又因为家事返回了东岸,这又一次让拍摄的进度停滞。不过在那之后,一切进展都很顺利,ONSOMESHIT的车队经理Alfredo Mancuso给予了我们很多帮助,让这一切得以圆满的完成。


While I was in Cali I managed to ride the Tip+ set up for a couple of hours and even film a little “Tuesday’s at Tip” edit.



当我在加州的时候,我去访问了Primo的母公司Tipplus,并且在Tipplus公司的后院拍摄了TCU的系列视频Tuesday at Tip。

I would like to thank the OSS crew for looking after me and showing me a sick time! And most of all I would like to thank everyone at Federal and especially Stu Dawkins for sending me there and allowing me to have the amazing experience.

I’ve had an amazing year and would like thank everyone who was involved. I think now I’m finally qualified, in the new year I’m going to quit my job and for the first time dedicate my time to do something I love and make BMX my main priority.


最后,我要感谢ONSOMESHIT团队给予我的照顾和帮助,特别是在我受伤的时候。除此之外,我还要特别感谢Federal的老板Stu Dawkins给予我的所有的支持,以及给了我这么一次难忘而特别的旅行。


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